Why have a one-to-one?

In line with The Energy Cog ethos of Health Responsibility, Hebe and Claire offer their own energetic, mind-body therapies. With these they hope to complement the work done elsewhere in The Cog and give people the option to work on themselves with more individual focus. These therapies help to release stuck patterns of behaviour, opening the way for individuals to thrive emotionally and physically. They also enhance the work done in groups and workshops by giving individuals more confidence to express themselves and share with others.




Hebe uses a mind-body approach, combining Somatic Experiencing, EFT and Matrix Reimprinting. These approaches work directly with the nervous system and subconscious mind to alleviate symptoms of trauma, dissolve unhelpful programming and encourage the system to move into a place of harmony. She can work with specific or general issues and help you in harnessing your own innate wisdom, resilience and power.

1-hour session with Hebe
(Initial session - 75 minutes)
In-person or online

£50 for one session 
£140 for a block of three
£260 for a block of six


Claire uses Reiki, EFT, Matrix Reimprinting, Mindfulness, and Creative Mentoring, to help people heal both physically and creatively. With a deep and ever-growing understanding of how to heal through her own experience and learned skills, Claire intrinsically understands the mechanics and possible pitfalls of healing. These therapies offer techniques that can be taken and used by clients beyond the therapy room. A sense of autonomy and self-empowerment is key to the self-healing process. 

1-hour session with Claire
(Initial session- 75 minutes)
£50 for one session
£140 for a block of three
£260 for a block of six

What is Somatic Experiencing?


SE is a body-oriented, talking therapy that works directly with the autonomic nervous system. Through the language of sensation, images, thoughts, emotions and subtle movement, we can track what’s happening in the nervous system and resolve symptoms of trauma and other stress-related disorders. 

Trauma happens when the nervous system becomes dysregulated because of an overwhelming response to perceived threat. It can result from a variety of stressors and can seriously impair a person’s resilience and ease of functioning.

What to expect?

In a session, I will guide you through the process of tracking and reporting back your bodily sensations. I will get you to touch into a small portion of the symptom (physical, emotional or mental) in a safe and measured way that doesn’t re-traumatise the system. Through verbal and, occasional gentle-touch interventions, I will facilitate the release of stuck survival energy and help you to self-regulate and return to balance. 

What is Energy Psychology - EFT and Matrix Reimprinting?


The premise of Energy Psychology originates from the quantum belief that, first and foremost, we are energetic beings. We are essentially made of one energy - from the atoms that make up our physical body, to the thoughts and emotions that determine the health of those atoms. Once we appreciate this fact it opens a whole new understanding of how we can allow healing to happen.

What is EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique?


As the name suggests this is a therapy that helps release redundant beliefs and stuck emotions. Stuck emotions are simply stuck energy. The very nature of energy is that it needs to keep moving. If it is blocked from movement, it causes physical tension, pain, and eventually illness. The ability to heal comes from an ability to release emotions.

EFT is remarkably efficient at releasing these blocks. This is achieved by gentle tapping on Meridian hot spots while focusing on a problem. This brings balance back into the energy and nervous system whilst rewiring neurological pathways. The result is often startling with rapid relief from symptoms leading to a total elimination of the original problem.  Although there can be layers to these blocks, it is possible for them to be cleared within just one or two sessions. 

As EFT founder, Gary Craig says: ‘This is not a mythical ride on a magic carpet that ends in illusion. It is a real ride destined to give you real results, just as it already has for millions of people. You will, indeed, develop the ability to discard your fears, phobias, traumatic memories, anger, guilt, grief, and all other limiting emotions. And it won’t take years and years of painstakingly slow and financially draining sessions either. Often, even the most severe negative emotions vanish in minutes.’

What is Matrix Reimprinting?


Once these blocks have been cleared from our systems, they can be reprogrammed with new belief systems that will enhance our wellbeing and help the body continue to heal. Matrix reimprinting is the perfect tool for this task. It is a follow-on from EFT and serves to rewrite memories and future projections. Because the subconscious mind does not know the difference between real and imagined events, we can harness this phenomina by restructuring neural pathways to create a new concrete reality.

What is Reiki?


Claire is a Master of Reiki which she has been practicing for over twenty years. This is an ancient form of hands-on, channelled healing, where Life Force energy enters the client via the practitioner. It is gentle and non-intrusive (the client remains clothed) and works on all levels of the physical and emotional body. It rebalances only the parts that need it, releasing blocks in the process whilst bringing a sense of deep calm and relaxation to the client. It is totally safe and can be used on anyone, combining well with other healing systems, alternative or allopathic.

What is Creative Mentoring?


Claire has been an artist all her life, and a professional one for over thirty years. With a lifetime of creative experience, she is fully aware of the range of emotions that so often accompany it – from bountiful joy, empowerment, and peace - to overwhelming misery, frustration, and hopelessness.


Her particular interest lies in the Creative Block.  These blocks often reflect a block in person's larger life, so by mending one, the other will mend too. Claire discovered first-hand that while Art reflects life, life can also reflect art.

This realisation reminds us of Art's forgotten potential – that of healer, soothsayer and manifester - artistic gifts that Ancient cultures used all the time. Using these gifts Claire helps people on their creative journeys - whether for a specific project, a creative block, clarity of purpose or  general creative well-being. 

This is an on-going, hands-on process. The mentoring starts with a consultation and resulting plan of action and continues until new creative clarity is achieved.

Creative clarity goes beyond the confines of the physical end-product, into the very life of the artist, bringing them peace of mind and better health.



How to Book

Please get in touch via the contact form or send an email to Claire and Hebe to enquire further about arranging one of our offered therapy sessions.