Welcome to The Energy Cog

Where Art Meets Healing

Never has there been a more important time to advocate health responsibility. This means taking ownership over one’s own physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Here at The Energy Cog we help facilitate this through art, energy-psychology, mindfulness and other therapies.


Our intention is to teach as many people as possible how to thrive.

​Through carefully constructed workshops and courses we specialise in offering support, education, and resources in all areas of self-healing. 


Creativity and healing are inextricably linked, and its health benefits are well-researched and documented. We draw on the extensive and constantly evolving science behind mind-body medicine which forms the foundation of our teachings.


We are both from creative backgrounds:


Claire (artist name, Minter-Kemp) has been a professional artist for 30+ years and is also a healer and practitioner. Hebe began as an actor before turning her hand to yoga and therapy.


For a long time, now, we have witnessed the powerful results of combining art with other therapies and would like to make this available for others.


About Claire

Claire has been a professional artist for over thirty years, working alongside her husband, Tom, who publishes and sells her work. Running hand in hand with her love for art is her passion for healing. (She believes the two are inextricably linked).  From an early age she developed a deep interest in this subject which was further fuelled by a chronic illness that manifested in her twenties. 

As conventional medicine could not provide the answers, she set out on a mission to cure herself. Her determination not to broadcast her illness, for fear of being marginalized, meant this was not an easy path. It was often lonely and full of trial and error. But despite all this, it has meant a life dedicated to learning about a subject she deeply loves! 

Ten years after its diagnosis Claire left her illness behind. 

Once she understood her own healing, her task was then to translate this into a language that everyone could understand. She realized this did not have to be a complicated path if given the right guidance. So, for the next 15 years, she studied the science behind healing - investigating as many modalities as she could.

She believes her best qualification is her own healing experience, but she is also a Mindfulness teacher (Mindfulness Association), Reiki Master (member of The Reiki Federation), EFT and Matrix Re-imprinting Practitioner, and training in HeartMath. She has a BA in Art and has completed her Certificate in Education (Warwick University) and a Foundation Diploma in Art Therapy (Bath College).

With these tools she helps people find their own healing path in an easy, creative, and enjoyable way.

About Hebe

Hebe is a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (trauma therapy) and EFT and Matrix Reimprinting Therapist. She teaches yoga and mindfulness, and has received qualifications from Insight Yoga Institution, Zenways, Mindfulness Association and Mindfulness Now. She has also completed counselling and psychotherapy trainings with The Karuna Institute and The Sweet Track Centre.


Having originally trained and worked as an actor, she already had an interest in the arts and the human psyche, but it was after suffering severe burnout as a jobbing actor that prompted her to thoroughly investigate and reprioritise her own health. Along the way she has turned her attention to various therapeutic paths that have enabled a deepened understanding of the body-mind and how the systems work together to reinstate health. In distilling her learnings she’s created an effective package of tools, practical for her lifestyle, that she now offers to others - empowering them to develop their own course of healing. 

Her mission is to take the woo-woo out of alternative therapies and build better communications between them and mainstream healthcare.